The 9 Best Welding Boots

Welding can be hard on boots, especially if the boots aren’t made to withstand the everyday wear and tear welders put them through. We break down the top 12 pairs of boots for welders, along with why these boots are the best.

What Makes a Good Pair of Welding Boots?

As with any work boot, you need to be able to wear them all day, 12 or more hours for a lot of people. Comfort and support are a huge consideration while selecting the best boots for welding work. 

Welding creates sparks, which can eat away at a pair of boots made with plastic (like lots of the cheaper boots you find). Make sure that you find a pair that is all leather, and doesn’t have the moc toe in the front. The sparks will land on the stitching for the moc toe and will come apart. 

While working around heavy beams and steel, it’s best to wear something that will protect you if anything falls. Safety toe boots will help protect your little piggies from an impact that may have otherwise taken them to the market. Whether they’re steel toe, composite toe, or aluminum toe, make sure they meet the requirements to be ASTM approved. Check the tongue of the boot for the ASTM F2413 tag.

When you drop a heavy object, the toes may not be the only ones in danger. The top of your foot (metatarsal bones) are also in the crossfire. It’s a good idea to look into boots that will protect the entire foot and not just the toes.

What to Consider While Selecting Boots

Pull-On or Lace? This is a question that needs to be considered when selecting a pair of boots that will be subjected to hot spatter. If the sparks continually land on your laces, you’re going to be burning through laces (pun intended). 

Although, lacing helps give you more ankle support, so if you’re climbing around, maybe you need that extra support. They do make leather laces or kevlar laces to help minimize the burning through laces.

But, It’s hard to burn through laces when your boots don’t have any.

Flexibility. Most of the boots in our list are made with a goodyear construction, which typically will hinder flexibility, but this construction is extremely durable. If you’re always crouching down and need something more flexible, you may want to look at something that is a mixture construction, like direct attach or direct attach welt.

Best Timberland Pro Welding Boot

Timberland Pro True Grit Pull-On Boot

Timberland Pro is synonymous with comfort. The Anti-Fatigue Technology in Timberland Pro boots is second to none. The technology is both in the insole and the midsole, making the boot extremely comfortable. All day standing is part of the job for some welders, and you can’t go wrong with a pair of Timberland Pro boots.

These all leather boots will hold up to the everyday abuse in the welding industry. Whether your boots typically break down from kicking metal or from the hot sparks, true leather can handle it. 

Best Irish Setter Welding Boot

Irish Setter Marshall Steel Toe Boot

Irish Setter is a subsidiary of Red Wing Shoes, and they put just as much effort in creating these as they do the Red Wings.

The Marshall boot is another pull on, perfect for welding. Paired with the goodyear welt, these boots are hard to destroy. 

Irish Setter put a heat-resistant outsole on these, which is resistant to melting at a minimum of  475º Fahrenheit. Along with being slip and oil resistant, this is a great outsole for a job that is sure to have hot pieces on the ground.

If you’re looking for steel toe welding boots for protection, they put a steel toe cap in to help protect your toes from heavy objects.

In case you’re going to be in water at all, these boots are made with the UltraDry™ Waterproofing from Irish Setter.

Best Georgia Welding Boot

Georgia Boots Carbo-Tec Elite Western Boot

Looking for a pull-on but seem to have an issue whenever trying to get them on and off? Solved. These boots come with a back zipper, allowing you to easily put them on and zip them up.

Constantly climbing over sharp cut metal or on super abrasive floors? Solved. These boots have a heat, chemical, abrasion, and slip-resistant outsole. No need to worry about anything chewing away at these outsoles.

These outsoles are also dual-density, meaning they have a soft midsole to help with comfort and also a harder outsole to help with durability.

The soft midsole paired up with the Quick Response insole from Georgia, makes this boot extremely comfortable. Another boot that you can wear all day. 

Whether it’s rain or shine, you’re protected. These boots are waterproof (even where the zipper is), allowing you to muck through some mud if need be.

Best Thorogood Welding Boot

Thorogood American Heritage Wellington Boot

Made in the good ol’ United States of America. These boots are sure to take the everyday abuse you throw at them. The Full-Grain leather (that’s the best part of the leather) is made to be extremely durable. Pair this leather with a goodyear welt construction and these boots will last you years to come.

These steel toe work boots are paired with Thorogood’s comfort insole and soft outsole, which makes these boots really enjoyable. Long days during work and long nights after, you won’t need to take these off. 

Best Irish Setter Welding Boot

Irish Setter Two Harbor Pull On Boots

If you’re constantly crouching, you’re going to need a boot that will flex with you. Look no further, as this Irish Setter has a direct attached outsole to easily flex. Paired with a heat-resistant Vibram Sole, this boot can take heat and is hard enough to last through lots of walking.

Like other boots on the list, this boot is aluminum toe and waterproof.

Best Red Wing Welding Boot

Red Wing Safety Toe Metguard Boot

If you have a wider foot and are in need of a boot with a wider toe box, these are your boots. Red Wing’s King Toe gives 40% more toe room than their typical work boot!

These boots also feature a met guard in order to give you that extra protection.

Best Red Wing Welding Boot

Red Wing DynaForce® Insulated Boot

No heat in the shop during the winter? Try out these insulated boots.

These great welding boots will keep your feet warm with 600g of thinsulate, which still isn’t too much to be able to wear during the summer.

One of our overall favorite boots if you find yourself on concrete constantly is the DynaForce series from Red Wing.

The DynaForce system is a built-in insole system to absorb pressure and provide support, comfort, and stability. This minimizes shock to the foot by redistributing the pressure points evenly across the entire foot.

The Supersole outsole is one of the most popular outsoles offered by Red Wing. This single density sole delivers by providing abrasion, cut, oil, and slip resistance while providing excellent traction.

Red Wing’s techniques when producing leather allows for unmatched durability and a great look. No need to worry about wearing through the leather or the leather flaking or anything, since this is a full-grain leather.

Best Thorogood Welding Boot

Thorogood American Heritage Round Toe Boots

Not only are these boots made in the USA, but they also are paired with the wedge sole that is extremely comfortable and has a round toe, so you don’t need to worry about blowing out stitches in the front of the boot from sparks. 

These welding boots are also waterproof, just in case you find yourself outside in the weather.

The goodyear welt construction of these boots ensure a long durable life from these boots.

Best Timberland Pro Welding Boot 

Timberland Pro Boondock Safety Toe Boots

As with all the rest of the Timberland Pro boots, these are paired with the anti-fatigue insole, allowing you to work all day in comfort. 

The combination of a goodyear welt and cement heel construction helps ensure durability.

The simplistic design keeps stitching at a minimum to help minimize welding mishaps from burning up stitching. Making sure that this boot will last a while.

Comfort and durability, paired up with style make this one of the best welding boots.