The 11 Best Slip On Work Boots

It’s only natural for you to want to take the path of least resistance, especially when it comes to putting on your everyday work boots. I mean, how much time does one actually spend their life on lacing up and taking off their work boots every day? 40 Seconds, maybe more? That’s a lot of time when you multiply that by everyday for the rest of your life!

Let us show you the most comfortable pull on work boots and let you get some of that time back.

Best Short Slip On Boots

Red Wing Shoes Weekender Chelsea Boot

Red Wing Slip-On Boot

Although we wouldn’t necessarily recommend this boot for heavy-duty work, we would still consider this a work boot. This great looking Chelsea-style boot is great for light-duty work that you need to have good looking boots. 

Timberland Pro Nashoba Safety Toe Boot

Timberland Pro Nashoba Slip-On Boot

Made with a premium full-grain leather, this safety toe chelsea boot looks good and performs even better. With two pull tabs, one in the front and one in the back, this boot is easy to pull-right on and get on with your day. 

The sole is a lightweight and abrasion-resistant TBU material. Constructed using the direct-inject construction, it’s both flexible and durable. Since this boot is a Timberland Pro boot, it comes with their Anti-Fatigue technology, which absorbs shock and returns energy while walking.

Georgia Waterproof Romeo Boot

Georgia Romeo Slip-On Boot

This waterproof boot contains a high-performance lining that helps with stability and comfort while protecting against water. This boot doesn’t only look good, it's constructed with a goodyear welt, to ensure that it can withstand much of what you throw at it. Paired with a EVA midsole and removable cushion insole, this boot is also comfortable.

Georgia Boots AMP LT Wedge Chelsea Boot

Georgia Slip-On Boot

This Steel Toe Chelsea Boot looks nice, while also being extremely functionable. This Georgia Boot has a waterproof lining, to help keep your feet dry incase you find yourself in a wet environment. This also features two nylon pull tabs to help with easy on and off. 

This boot also features the AMP LT insole with memory foam, making it one of the most comfortable slip-on work boots. Want a boot that can handle just about anything? This Chelsea work boot has a heat, chemical, abrasion, and slip-resistant dual density outsole. 

Muck Boot Excursion Pro Mid Boot

Muck Boot Slip-On Boot

Ranking at the top of our list for the short pull-on boots is the Muck Excursion. This boot is very versatile. Having a rubber outsole, this boot is extremely flexible and completely waterproof. This boot lacks a bit of durability due to this rubber upper, because a sharp object could rip it.

Best Tall Pull On Boots

Thorogood American Heritage Wellington Boot

Thorogood Wellington Pull-On Boot

Starting us off is the USA made American Heritage Wellington boot. This boot features an all leather upper with a pair of pull straps. Although this boot doesn’t have a waterproof liner, it is still water-resistant. Leather will eventually soak up water, but if treated properly with mink oil, it will also repel the water and not allow it to soak through as fast.

The goodyear welt ensures that this boot is made to take a beating while also being comfortable thanks to the outsole and Shock Absorption footbed combination. Although this outsole is a bit softer (making it comfortable), it is Thorogood’s MaxWear® Outsole and helps with the outsole wear.

Irish Setter 11-inch Two Harbor Pull-On Boot

Irish Setter Two Harbor Pull-On Boot

This Irish Setter Boot is different from most pull-ons. This boot has a vibram sole that is heat resistant and has been designed and tested to withstand melting at 495°F. This sole along with a cement-welt construction, which makes the heel durable and stable while also allowing for flexibility at the balls of your feet.

Irish Setter 11-inch Marshall Pull-On Boot

Irish Setter Marshall Pull-On Boots

The first square toe boot on our list. While looking good, this boot is extremely functionable. These steel toe work boots provide great protection, and another outsole that has been designed to be heat resistant at a minimum of 475°F.

Georgia Boot Carbo-Tec LT Pull-On Boot

Georgia Boot Carbo-Tec Pull-On Boot

A nice classic looking western boot, but with all of the technology from one of today’s leading manufacturers, Georgia Boots. 

This boot features a full-grain leather upper, Georgia’s Waterproof System, a steel toe for protection, an EVA midsole for comfort with their Quick Response removable insole.All of this paired with an oil, chemical, abrasion, heat, and slip resistant outsole!

 If you have bigger calves and find yourself struggling to put on most pull-ons, look no further, because this one has a back zipper to help with easy on and off. 

Muck Boot Arctic Pro Steel Toe Boot

Muck Boot Arctic Pro Pull-On Boot

Our best selling Muck Boot is definitely one of the best pull-on boots that are offered on the market today. If you live in a cold area that gets snow all winter, like us in Buffalo, then these are perfect for you. Muck rates this boot to temperatures as low as -60°F, thanks to the extra-thick 8mm neoprene.

Whether you find yourself in shin high water for long periods of time, or walking through 2ft of snow, these have you covered. The neoprene and rubber upper will keep you completely dry.

The steel toe and steel shank offer great protection against impacts from falling objects. No worries about the steel toe in this boot getting cold, thanks to Muck separating the steel toe from your foot using neoprene and fleece liners.

Timberland Pro True Grit Pull-On Boot

Timberland Pro Pull-On Boot

The number one ranked boot on our list, and my personal favorite, is the Timberland Pro True Grit Pull-On. Timberland’s Anti-Fatigue technology is second to none. They have perfected the comfort of a boot with this technology, and it really makes a difference.

This boot features a full-grain leather upper and waterproof membrane, to help keep your feet dry. A composite safety toe to decrease weight and still offer extreme protection from impacts.

The goodyear welt construction ensures a durable mechanical and chemical bond between the outsole and the upper, so you can throw everything you have at this boot and it’ll hold up.

The ExoSpine™ technology provides long lasting structure, durability and a great heel fit. It also has a “kick-off” plate to help take these off at the end of a long day.

Heat, slip, oil, abrasion-resistant outsoles that are also non-marking. 

All of this, backed by Timberland Pro’s 30 Day Comfort Guarantee and One-Year Warranty.

If you’re hard on your boots, and need something that will hold. Look no further, this boot is #1 for a reason.

How We Ranked Our Boots

We know that you do have the ability to try every single one of these boots and rate them yourself, so we’ve done the hard work for you.

We’ve ranked each of our pull-on boots in five different categories, protection, durability, flexibility, waterproof, and comfortability.

What’s protection? We ranked protection by the boot’s ability to protect you from the outside elements. Meaning, when something happens in your environment (pipe drops on your foot, rock hits the side of your ankle, etc.) your boot should be able to shield your ankle and feet.

What’s durability? Exactly as it sounds, the ability of the boot to withstand everyday wear and tear in all elements. 

What’s flexibility? The boot’s ability to flex with you. If you find yourself constantly crouching and kneeling around, you will want a boot that’s able to flex with you, not restrain you.

What’s waterproof? That’s right, it's the ability of the boot to keep water out of your boot. 

Comfortability? This is for the guys who are wearing these boots all day, everyday. We rank these boots based on how well they prevent your knees and back from hurting while standing all day.

Which Pull-On Boots Are Best For Me?

This question is answered differently for each person. It simply depends on what you do for work and what you will be exposed to in that environment. If you are on a construction site, but are only sitting at a desk, you don’t need the most durable boot. 

If you find yourself always crouching and kneeling, make sure you get a boot that can flex well. There are boots made specifically for crouching, it only makes sense to get the one made for the job. 

Make sure you pick something made for your type of work. If you get something that isn’t,that’s like using a hammer to hit a screw, it might work a bit, but it makes life a hell of a lot harder.

As with any of our other blogs, we can always be reached to help out. 

Shoot us an email at and let us know what you think or any questions you might have. We love helping!