Best Work Boots for Asphalt Paving

If you work in the Paving industry, then you’ll want to look for specific attributes in your asphalt work boots. 

What to Look For in Asphalt Paving Boots

Boots are made with a purpose, which means there are asphalt boots made specifically for the purpose of being in the paving industry. Look for boots with these characteristics.

Heat Resistant Outsoles

With asphalt reaching temperatures of 300°F or more, you need a pair of boots that can withstand that temperature and not melt. 

Flat Outsoles

One extremely annoying thing about having an aggressive sole while working in asphalt is that you pick up a bunch of stone, sand, and gravel. Which then makes its way into your truck and to your garage. It’s important to have a pair of boots that minimizes the pickup of stones/gravel.

Safety Toe

Not all companies require a safety toe, but it’s important to have when being around heavy machinery. There are different types of safety toes, such as steel, aluminum, or composite (basically a hard plastic), but they all have the same safety standards provided by ASTM. To see if your boot qualifies, look at the tag and look for “ASTM F2413”.

All Leather Upper

While working with hot materials like asphalt, it’s important to have a boot that is able to hold up when exposed to these materials, as well as take the everyday abuse from being in the paving industry. Leather work boots ensure that the boot can take a beating, especially a boot made with a full-grain leather upper.

The Best Boots for Asphalt Work

Irish Setter Wingshooter Safety Toe Boot

Irish Setter Wingshooter Paving Boot

Irish Setter is a subsidiary of Red Wing Shoes, but make no mistake, these boots are made with the same quality as Red Wing.

Made with a heat resistant rubber outsole, these boots have been designed and tested to perform at high temperatures and resistant to melting at a minimum of 475°F.

Paired with a flat sole, these boots don’t have the aggressive tread to pick up stones and gravel. No need to worry about having no traction, as these soles are made with a slip and oil resistant rubber. 

Made with a full-grain leather upper and constructed with a goodyear welt, these boots can hold up to just about anything you throw at them. 

Constructed with a composite toe, these boots meet the standards of the ASTM for impact and also carry the benefit of being lightweight.

If you find yourself wearing your work boots in places other than work (like most workers) then you’ll also enjoy the added benefit of having a waterproof liner, in case you get caught in the rain or work in the muck.

Georgia AMP LT Wedge Chelsea Boot

Georgia Boot Wedge Slip-On Paving Boot

Georgia boots are known for their comfortable work boots. The AMP LT exceeds the expectations. Made with a dual-density EVA midsole and paired with the AMP LT memory foam insole, these boots are about as close to clouds as you can get.

Made without laces, meaning taking off and putting these boots on are a breeze.

The rubber Carbo-Tec outsole is heat, chemical, abrasion, and slip-resistant. Providing great protection with an extremely durable outsole and also providing protection with a steel toe cap. No worries about picking up asphalt, as the tread on these boots aren’t aggressive.

The SPR® Leather provides protection against alkali, sulfuric acid, calcium hydroxide, potassium phosphate and caustic potash, which makes this leather “barnyard-proof”.

Georgia AMP LT Power Wedge Paving Boot

Georgia Wedge Best Paving Boot

The boot was made with paving specifically in mind.

The hot asphalt has no chance in melting these heat-resistant dual-density blown rubber and Carbo-tec rubber outsole. The heat resistant blown rubber midsole is specifically designed to be lightweight and comfortable, while not breaking down from heat.

With the non aggressive outsole, these boots won’t pick up much of the gravel or stones, so no worries about bringing around a mess or feeling like you’re walking with two bricks on your feet. 

The SPR leather and Tec-Tuff Leather together provide extreme abrasion resistance. Meaning you don’t need to worry about scuffing up the leather or wearing it out quickly. You can put these boots to work worry-free.

A composite toe and fiberglass shank help with protection, while also being lightweight

Pair all of this with Georgia Boots 1-year warranty and you have a boot that you can wear everyday and not worry about your feet/knees/back hurting, while also not worrying about a boot breaking down on you after 3 months.

Which Paving Boots are Best For Me?

This question has a different answer for each person asking it. It depends on what you do each day. If you’re a truck driver, you shouldn’t worry so much about the boots that won’t pick up stones, but instead more about a boot that will flex with you and allow you to drive easier.

Make sure that the boot you get has specific attributes to what you’re doing each day, in and out. A heavy boot won’t make sense for most people, but a heavy boot will surely hold up better than a lightweight sneaker when you’re doing heavy duty work.

If you have any questions about which boot you should consider, shoot us an email at and let us know what you do everyday.

We always enjoy helping out!